Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of nine volunteer members of the congregation who each serve a 3-year term. They are charged with focusing on the “Big Picture”, i.e., policies relating to the overall vision, goals and health of the congregation. Learn more about our staff and other volunteers.

Aleza ColdevinTrusteeContact
Juleth DawsonTrusteeContact
Karen Dunk-GreenTrustee, President of the BoardContact
Liz GalarneauTrustee, Safe Steps LiaisonContact
Chris LeeTrusteeContact
Nacia MillerTrustee, Vice-President of the BoardContact
David PriebeTrustee, Funds Management LiaisonContact
Greg SuttorTrustee, Secretary of the BoardContact
Ken WulffTrusteeContact

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