Become A Member Of First

We hope your relationship with First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto will be spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally rewarding. We are pleased you have chosen to worship with us, and we invite you to participate in our programs and activities, whether or not you are ready for full membership. When you are ready, membership will be a natural step, a way to express your joy and sense of responsibility for this faith community.

The decision to become a member is an emotional and a spiritual commitment, but it is also a physical and financial commitment. By giving your physical presence (your time and energy) and your financial support to the Congregation, you will demonstrate your commitment to help this community thrive, grow and transform lives.

“The time to make friends is before you need them.”
— Traditional proverb

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Yes, you can become a member while we operate online; contact our Newcomer Services Coordinator Diane Wagner [email] or Rev. Lynn Harrison [email].

Membership at First

When you become a member of First, you are welcomed into a community that pledges to support the principles of Unitarian Universalism. These principles are not a declaration of faith; they are a covenant of relationship, expressing how we want to relate to one another and to the wider world. At a New Member Joining Ceremony, you would confirm your support for the same principles.

If you are considering membership, we suggest:

  • Attend a Newcomer Information Meeting
  • Visit the Engage and Connect table on Sundays
  • Review the benefits and responsibilities of membership

Check our Events calendar for the time of Newcomer Orientation Meetings.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

Community – A religious community is a place to grow; a place to travel your unique spiritual path as you mark personal and family rites of passage, participate in group experiences, and learn more about yourself and your interconnectedness with others.

Inspiration – Worshipping with this community will inspire you to be the best person you can be; you will be reminded of your deeper self and of the principles you aspire to embody. You will discover more reasons for gratitude in the midst of our complicated world.

Hope – Unitarian Universalists are committed to bringing positive change to the world, working individually and together on behalf of social justice, freedom of thought, the worth and dignity of every human being, and environmental respect.

Respect – We expect all members to treat each other with kindness and respect and we have policies for responding to inappropriate behaviours. We strive to be inclusive and accessible to all and we recognize each person is a work in progress.

Support – We rely completely on the financial generosity of our members and request that they donate regularly at a level that makes sense within their own budget. We operate with the support of volunteers who take responsibility for tasks of all types and sizes.

Participation – We encourage you to engage at whatever level is right for you at various times in your life. There are many opportunities for one-time or ongoing involvement in justice work, social activity, governance, and religious education. Our democratic processes call you to attend and vote at Congregational Meetings.