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The JourneySeptember 2023Possibility
The JourneyMay 2023Freedom
The JourneyApril 2023Welcome
The JourneyMarch 2023Anger
The JourneyFebruary 2023Love
The JourneyJanuary 2023Grounding
The JourneyAll issues for 2022(zipped)
The JourneyDecember 2022Healing
The JourneyNovember 2022Impermanence
The JourneyOctober 2022Abundance
The JourneySeptember 2022Calling
The JourneyMay 2022Beauty
The JourneyApril 2022Awakening
The JourneyMarch 2022Money
The JourneyFebruary 2022Contentment
The JourneyJanuary 2022Intention
New HorizonsAll issues for 2021(zipped)
The JourneyDecember 2021Blessing
The JourneyNovember 2021Reconciliation & Racial Justice
The JourneyOctober 2021Possibility
New HorizonsSeptember 2021Place
New HorizonsAugust 2021Imagination
New HorizonsJuly 2021Play
New HorizonsJune 2021Time
New HorizonsMay 2021Truth and Lies
New HorizonsApril 2021Acceptance
New HorizonsMarch 2021Patience
New HorizonsFebruary 2021Grace
New HorizonsJanuary 2021The Body
New HorizonsAll issues for 2020(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2020Presence
New HorizonsNovember 2020Character
New HorizonsOctober 2020Home
New HorizonsSeptember 2020Purpose
New HorizonsAugust 2020Courage
New HorizonsJuly 2020Connection
New HorizonsJune 2020Kindness
New HorizonsMay 2020Resilience
New HorizonsApril 2020Living in the Moment
New HorizonsMarch 2020Change
New HorizonsFebruary 2020Radical Inclusion
New HorizonsJanuary 2020Broken and Whole
New HorizonsAll issues for 2019(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2019Celebration
New HorizonsNovember 2019Enough
New HorizonsOctober 2019Belonging
New HorizonsMay 2019Creativity
New HorizonsApril 2019Emergence
New HorizonsMarch 2019Balance
New HorizonsFebruary 2019Perseverance
New HorizonsJanuary 2019Intention
New HorizonsAll issues for 2018(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2018Hope
New HorizonsNovember 2018Courage
New HorizonsOctober 2018Abundance
New HorizonsMay 2018Embodiment
New HorizonsApril 2018Change
New HorizonsMarch 2018Risk
New HorizonsFebruary 2018Interdependence
New HorizonsJanuary 2018Prophecy
New HorizonsAll issues for 2017(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2017Presence
New HorizonsNovember 2017Identity
New HorizonsOctober 2017Healing
New HorizonsSeptember 2017Covenant
New HorizonsMay 2017Compassion
New HorizonsApril 2017Resistance
New HorizonsMarch 2017Simplicity
New HorizonsFebruary 2017Love and Justice
New HorizonsJanuary 2017Creation
New HorizonsAll issues for 2016(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2016Expectation
New HorizonsNovember 2016Letting Go
New HorizonsOctober 2016Blessing
New HorizonsSeptember 2016Invitation
New HorizonsJune 2016Revelry
New HorizonsMay 2016Tradition
New HorizonsApril 2016Revelation
New HorizonsMarch 2016Renewal
New HorizonsFebruary 2016Reconciliation
New HorizonsJanuary 2016Resilience
New HorizonsAll issues for 2015(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2015Wonder
New HorizonsNovember 2015Integrity
New HorizonsOctober 2015Grace
New HorizonsSeptember 2015Promise
New HorizonsJune 2015Imagination
New HorizonsMay 2015Story
New HorizonsApril 2015Sustainability
New HorizonsMarch 2015Freedom
New HorizonsFebruary 2015Evolution
New HorizonsJanuary 2015Character
New HorizonsAll issues for 2014(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2014Embodiment
New HorizonsNovember 2014Vulnerability
New HorizonsOctober 2014Awakening
New HorizonsSeptember 2014Kinship
New HorizonsJune 2014Play
New HorizonsMay 2014Honesty
New HorizonsApril 2014Wonder
New HorizonsMarch 2014Knowing
New HorizonsFebruary 2014Passion
New HorizonsJanuary 2014Discipline
New HorizonsAll issues for Fall 2013(zipped)
New HorizonsDecember 2013Connection
New HorizonsNovember 2013Courage
New HorizonsOctober 2013Purpose
New HorizonsSeptember 2013Listening