Dances with Bees

Date: Sunday, August 31, 2014 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Michael Battenberg.

As August and the rhythms of summer draw to a reluctant close, Michael has this to say about his sermon:

Bees, or rather the alarming decline in their numbers, are all over the news these days. Long cherished for the sweet pleasure of their honey, bees have held a unique place in our myths and folklore for millennia. Yet only recently has their importance as pollinators captured the popular imagination, and spurred us to take action for their preservation.

This Sunday, we will take a journey into the remarkable world of these fascinating and varied creatures, reflecting on how their diversity helps preserve our own, and perhaps even learning a thing or two about our own lives along the way.

Michael Batttenberg has been a member at First for 14 years. For the last half-dozen years he’s been fascinated with insects, and has displayed his portraits of bees, among things, several times in Sunderland Hall. Another show of his work scheduled for January 2015 will coincide with the release of his photo book Portraits of an Overlooked World. He is a member of the Toronto Entomologist’s Association and recently participated as a field entomologist at the 2014 Ontario BioBlitz.

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