Are We Having Fun Yet?

Date: Sunday, June 01, 2014 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

This week we launch our final theme for “the UU year” by taking up the question of what it means to seek a life of . . . play! For the month of June, we’ll be considering the importance of play in our lives and explore how we might become a more playful people.

In my sermon on Sunday, I’ll invite us to see our life, together and as individuals, through the prism of religious philosopher James Carse’s work in Finite and Infinite Games. One of Carse’s most helpful points is the need for us to have clarity about which type of game we’re actually playing—one that is time-limited and seeks a clear winner, or one played for the love of the game itself, with the primary goals of keeping the game going and bringing into play as many people as possible. My hope is that we’ll all seek to better understand the various games we’re playing!

At the Annual General Meeting which will follow Coffee Hour, among other agenda items, the Building for the Future Task Force will present their findings about the current options before us in terms of our building. They will share what they have learned and point us toward the next leg on this journey. You can find links to their report and other materials for the meeting below. I’d highly recommend reading their report prior to the meeting if at all possible.

One of our core principles, of course, is the use of the democratic process in our shared life. Being engaged in the questions and concerns and decision-making of our congregation is a spiritual practice, so I very much hope you’ll join us on Sunday as we exercise this practice and this privilege together.

In faith and love,

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