To Lead Where No One Has Led Before

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Bruce Knotts.

This Sunday, it will be my honour to welcome to our pulpit Bruce Knotts, the Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office. With his infectious and indomitable spirit, Bruce will share his reflections on how our faith motivates the vital work of Unitarian Universalists at the UN.

While breaking new ground on LGBTQ and indigenous rights issues in recent years, the UU-UNO, under Bruce's guidance, continues to bring its increasingly powerful voice to those places where we, as UUs, can make a meaningful difference: helping to mitigate climate change; heading up NGOs on disarmament, peace, and security; championing all areas of human rights; and leading the faith and ethical NGOs group that supports the work of the International Criminal Court. Our UNO, building on a remarkable 50 years of service, is emerging as a leader in many of the most vital areas of the United Nation. I hope you'll join us to hear Bruce's inspirational call to action based on our shared values. During the service, a special offering for the work of the UU-UNO will be taken. Please make cheques payable to the Canadian Unitarian Council.

In faith and love,