Voice, Still and Small: Water Communion & Homecoming Sunday

Date: Sunday, September 08, 2013 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

At the end of this back-to-school week-with its sudden, perceptible shift toward cooler weather-we begin a new and momentous year in the life of our congregation.

On Sunday, with a wonderful mix of music and ritual, we will gather together as a community to celebrate our annual water communion ceremony. You are invited to bring water you have collected from some place special this summer, be that near or far. Ideally, that water will speak to a meaningful moment from your life's journey over these last few months. During the service, there will be four separate opportunities to pour all or part of the water you've brought: to commemorate sadness and grief, to celebrate happiness and joy, to give thanks for rest and renewal, and to mark transition and change. You'll be asked to bring your water forward at the moment (or moments) most appropriate to you. As always, there will be "proxy water" on hand for those who need it!

I very much look forward to formally introducing you on Sunday to Lynn Harrison, this year's Intern Minister. I know she looks forward to meeting you all.

And, finally, I hope each of you will consider joining a theme-based ministry group for the coming year. These groups, which will meet once per month, will provide a rich and powerful way to engage the monthly themes we'll be exploring in worship. These theme groups will offer a safe and supportive environment to go deeper, to reflect on how the themes touch your own life. Registration, which closes on 14 September, can be completed online or by using a registration form found in your Orders of Service on Sunday.

In love and in faith,

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