"Water Is Life"

Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

We will gather this Sunday, bearing water from some special aspect of the summer. We will celebrate Water Communion by pouring into our common bowl water that symbolizes our fond feelings for time spent in good company and in meaningful places, as well as, perhaps, pained or poignant memories of where the summer unexpectedly took us. Like life, the swirl of these mingled waters points to life’s bittersweet blend—the beauty and wonder of being alive, mixed with the heartache that can come our way. In this sense, water is, indeed, life, for it holds everything that touches our existence—the good and the bad, the heart-warming and the heart-breaking. With images of hurricanes and flood waters so present in our minds, my sermon on Sunday, will explore what it means to hold on—to keep our covenant with life—when we’re battered by storms.

I’m looking forward to celebrating this special day with you all, as we launch what promises to be an exciting and defining year for our congregation. It will be wonderful to welcome the choir back after their summer hiatus, to see the throngs of children come forward for the story, to recite in unison the words of our covenant, and to hold in my arms the newest newborn in our congregation, as we bless her unfolding life with water and our best wishes. It will be a great day, quite simply, to bask in the joy of being in community with you all, as we celebrate and affirm that life that is within us.

So, remember to bring your water! (And, if you don’t have a particular bit of water to share, know that we’ll have “proxy water” on hand in order for all to participate in the ritual.)

See you on Sunday!

In faith and love,

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