Our vision states what we see as First’s impact on the world

First is a beacon
of hope and inspiration in Toronto.

We move hearts, hands and minds
to make our commitments
to love and justice come alive.


Our Mission states what we do to achieve our vision

We welcome all to come together
to seek to understand the meaning of our lives,
connect with others as we are, and
serve life to build a better world.

Seek  freely
Connect  authentically
Serve  passionately

Our Mission/Vision history


In 2018, the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees presented an updated and expanded Vision and Mission statement (shown above) to the Congregation at the Annual General Meeting. This material retains the 2013 “Seek Connect Serve” statement, which focused on how we engage in our work to make a difference in the world. It adds a vision statement, which states the impact we see First having on the world.

During the 2012/2013 year, the Board of Trustees established a working group to update and distill the meaning of the 2008 vision statement into a simple, memorable phrase that clearly expresses who we are and what we do. After much review and discussion of existing materials and statements from other faith groups as well as other UU congregations, the working group found the strongest source of expression in the Covenant we speak aloud at Sunday Services. Hence, the group arrived at the simple expression: Seek – Connect – Serve. To this they added modifiers, to express the unique UU approach to these common faith group activities, creating the final version of:

Seek freely

Connect authentically

Serve passionately



Our Vision

1. Our congregation

We will be a vibrant community, energetic, passionate, and forward-thinking. Ours will be a place where we find connection, meaning, and a sense of purpose that carries over of dedication, compassion, and commitment to one another and to the larger world.

We will all feel we belong. We will treat one another with respect, love, and compassion. We will address conflict to foster healthy relationships.

2. Our religious quest

We will deepen and enrich the diverse spiritual lives of our members, in accordance with our Unitarian principles, by encouraging and celebrating a variety of expressions of spirituality. This will be a place where we can heal ourselves and join with others to heal the world.

3. Resources

We will create a climate of security and abundance through effective use of our resources (leadership, volunteers, staff, finances, communications, and property).