Make your pledge    

We are very grateful for the ongoing generosity of members and friends who make financial contributions to support our programs and operations. First Unitarian Toronto is a registered Canadian charity (851846816 RR0001) and issues tax receipts.

There are many convenient ways to make a donation and we invite you to use whichever method or combination of methods best suited to you:

Give using your smartphone

First has an account with a service provider called to support this method. It is a quick and easy way to make a one-time donation whenever you are inspired to do so. Learn more

Text “give” (without quotes) to (438) 500-3018 and follow the instructions. After completing the setup steps the first time, you’ll be able to text a dollar amount at any time and your donation will be completed in that one simple step.

Ongoing Giving 

If you are ready and able to give regularly to First, you are probably ready and able to participate in what we call Pledging. Our annual Pledge Drive occurs in the fall, when we provide our members and friends with information about this critical process for sustaining our congregation and planning our annual budget.

We ask members and friends to indicate ( i.e., “pledge”) an amount they are committed to giving over the course of the coming year. This stated financial commitment from each member, paid periodically, allows us to plan staffing and programs knowing there will be sufficient funds. The amount is up to you; we invite you to give at a level that fits your circumstances and your values.

You can create a pledge and set up annual or recurring giving at any time, using one of the following methods:

  • By completing a confidential, online pledging form.
  • If you prefer to use a paper form, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • By providing your banking information to the congregation’s Bookkeeper Daniel Grzymisch.

We understand that circumstances can change and pledges can't always be fulfilled. We ask that you simply advise our Bookkeeper if you must make a change to your pledge so we can adjust our cash flow expectations accordingly.  If you give regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), you will priovide us with a predictable income.

  • Give by Pre-authorized Debit

  • Give by VISA (one time or recurring)

  • Give by Post-dated Cheques

  • Give by Securities Transfer:

    Donations of publicly traded securities create a tax break for the donor. You can do that by completing and submitting a Stock Transfer Form.

    Giving stock directly to First may be more prudent than selling stock and giving cash. Here’s why:
    • Say that 10 years ago you bought shares in a corporation for $15,000. Now that stock has a market value of $20,000 and you want to give $20,000 to First. If you sold the stock, you would pay taxes on the capital gain of $5,000 ($20,000 [the sale price]) minus $15,000 [the price you paid]). That might be $1,000 or more, reducing what you would have available to give.
    • If you give the stock directly to First, you don’t pay capital gains tax. First would receive the full $20,000 in stock; you would claim a donation of $20,000 on your taxes. Please contact your financial advisor to confirm the best arrangements for you.
    • Remember that you get a tax advantage only if there is a capital gain. If the shares have lost value, it is probably more advantageous to you to sell the shares, take a capital loss, and donate the cash. A gift of mutual funds might also be exempt from a capital gains tax. Again, please confirm the best course of action with your financial advisor.
  • Give by Estate Planning

    Planned Giving is a way to express your support for First after you are gone. Read more about how to make your wishes known and select the most suitable way for you to plan this type of gift.

Deciding How Much to Give

We invite you to make a decision that suits your circumstances and your values. As points of reference, we suggest you consider First’s annual operating budget and the recommended Unitarian Universalist practice: many UU congregations recommend 3% of pre-tax annual household income as a meaningful personal commitment. First is a completely self-funded community with an annual operating budget of approximately $600,000:

How First Raises Money


First’s operating budget supports our mission to Seek Freely, Connect Authentically, and Serve Passionately. The following pie chart represents our spending from an outcomes perspective. Each slice of the pie includes the direct costs of the outcomes and services listed, plus a share of the indirect costs of our overall infrastructure (i.e. staff, insurance, equipment, etc.) All of our outcomes are also greatly enriched by the many uncharted hours of effort and talent provided by volunteers:

Spending our Money

Pause your mouse pointer over sections of this chart to see what that spending pays for,
or click on the chart to learn more:

How much should I plan to give each year?

The amount you pledge is a personal decision, but we ask that you consider 5% of your pre-tax income. Many religious communities ask their members to pledge 10% (this is called tithing). Many of our members pledge 5% or more, and some tithe.

The following table will give you a sense of the financial contributions made by other members.

In 2018, 219 households pledged a total of $375,000 for our operating budget.

Amount pledged Number of households
          <$250 23
$250 to $499 26
$500 to $999 47
$1000 to $1799 49
$1800 to $2499 26
$2500 to $4999 30
$5000 and up 18

Please consider beginning at a level that is manageable for you, then increasing your giving as you are able.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

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