How can I donate to Toronto First when I am not at the service in person?

You can donate by text from your smart phone or over the web using Tithely. The first time you use this service, Tithely will lead you through the process of adding your credit card details.

  • Text “give” (without quotes) to (438) 500-3018. (This is a Montreal-based number that is used only by First.)
  • Go to

What is Tithely?

Tithely is an online service that provides fast,convenient, secure methods for you to donate to registered charitable institutions.

All identifying financial data (credit card or bank account id) is held by Tithely's processor, Stripe, and is compliant with all Canadian banking and privacy laws. Stripe has servers located in Canada for storage and processing Canadian transactions. No identifying financial data is stored on Tithely servers. Tithely is based in California, but supports Canadian currency and many Canadian churches.

So, does this mean that First is asking me to “tithe”?

No. Some religious traditions expect members to “tithe”, or to donate ten percent of their income to their church. Unitarians each determine their own level of generosity. Although we do not tithe, we can still use the technologies of churches that do tithe.

First will never ask you about your financial resources. In addition, we keep donation information as private as possible. Details of your contributions are available only to church staff, executive volunteers and Team Generosity members.

Why are we using Tithely to collect donations?

We know that we can be moved by the spirit of generosity at any time. By setting up an account for First with Tithely, we can offer convenient ways of expressing gratitude, any time and any place, through simple text or phone-based donations. Perhaps you normally give with cash on Sunday but don’t have any with you; perhaps you’re traveling or you’re watching via live-streaming.

Is Tithely now the best route to make any donation to First?

The Tithely service adds options for different situations, especially non-cash, one-time donations. Tithely doesn’t replace other ways of giving and it is not the process we want to use for recurring payments (i.e., automated withdrawals by VISA or debit).

Tithely offers a way to set up recurring donations online; why shouldn’t I use that?

Tithely charges First a small fee every time it processes a payment. We don’t mind the small fee if it supports an increase in occasional donations by being easy and convenient. You can even opt to cover the processing fee when you give that way! But we don’t want to incur ongoing fees for recurring payments. We can assist you to set up recurring payments ourselves. This can be arranged by providing your instructions during the annual Pledge Drive or at any time by contacting our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in the office.

Tithely sends me a receipt; does this replace the tax receipt I would receive from First?

Tithely sends you a receipt to confirm that your payment was processed. This is not a tax receipt. In February, we will send you a consolidated tax receipt for all donations you have given throughout the year.

Can I cover the cost of the Tithely service when I make my donation?

Yes; thank you! When you setup your Tithely account you can opt to always cover the processing fee or you can make this decision each time you make a donation.

What’s the difference between Tithely and Canada Helps?

Canada Helps is also a great option if you want to donate online, but Canada Helps does not allow you to text a donation.

Where can I get help if I can’t get the Tithely app or Text process working properly?

You can ask a member of First’s Team Generosity for help: Karen Dunk-Green and Mo MacMahon. Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person.