Sunderland Hall, our main worship space, is an ideal place for showing artwork. The large skylight and high ceilings enhance the room while the gallery space has its own lighting to allow the works to be shown to their best advantage.

We also have a smaller display area in our library, where art from our members is displayed for up to two months.

The artists who display their work in these spaces often offer some pieces for sale, with a small percentage of the price going to the congregation. Please contact the artist if you are interested in purchasing a work.

Artists interested in exhibiting their work in our Sunderland Hall gallery are invited to contact the Arts Committee chair by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Art in February: THE MANY FACES of ATO SEITU


Prolific, intense, opinionated, passionate are words depicting the many faces of Jamaican-Canadian artist ATO SEITU.

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Seitu migrated to Canada in 1963, completing a diploma course in graphic arts at George Brown College and later a Masters degree in social environmental studies at York University. In the 1970s, the anti-apartheid freedom movement in South Africa influenced Seitu’s work and many of his pieces were used to educate African society about freedom and democracy.

In 1993, Seitu co-founded the Six Ah Wi Art Collective, an organization set up to expose and have recognized the contributions of African-Canadian artists to the continuing development of the visual arts landscape in Canada and the world.

Seitu poses questions, raises issues and at times simply celebrates beauty. A featured artist in Toronto’s 2006-2007 Genius Loves Company exhibit, Seitu’s work has toured Canada, the US, the Caribbean and Africa, captivating audiences with a brand of graphic fine art that speaks to humanity.

Much of his work draws the eye to the face, with all that it reveals about the human soul. Whether using fine lines painstakingly inked in black on white or brilliant colors that pop from his art board, ATO SEITU is an artist whose creative voice is as distinct as every painting he has produced over the past 30 years.

Please join us for the opening reception and artist talk on Sunday February 4 from noon to 1:30 PM.

The exhibit runs to February 25.

Library Exhibit for January: THE 70,273 PROJECT QUILT #30

The 70,273 PROJECT QUILT #30

The blocks for Quilt #304 were made by older RE kids at First last spring, after learning about THE 70,273 PROJECT. That project honours people with physical or mental disabilities who were killed by the Nazis in the Aktion T4 programme, from January 1940 to August 1941. These people’s files were examined, and if they were deemed 'unfit' or an 'economic liability', marked with a red X. Red Xs by two of three examining doctors sealed their fate.

With this Project, each of the 70,273 killed are to be remembered with their own block. As well, it is to remind us of the many living nowadays with similar disabilities, and how they contribute to our lives.

The RE children had many questions and comments as they sewed or marked their red XX block - representing the doctors’ marks on the white files. Each block is unique, as were the men, women and children they represent. The 18 blocks were sewn together, combining their work and care into the quilt, a symbol of comfort, remembrance and beauty. The children have dedicated Quilt #304 to the memory of our own Mark Jorgensen, who brought much joy to the congregation.

Come to the library to view the lovely quilt itself, and see other blocks in the making. Materials and help will be available if you wish to join this worldwide art project (100 countries) and make a block yourself.

This Year’s Shows

The following shows will be held in Sunderland Hall in 2018:

Month Artist Show Dates Reception
  (12 pm)
Learn More
January Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy Jan 7-28 January 14 (Fundraiser)
February Ato Seitu Feb 4-25 February 4
March Members and friends of First March 4-25 March 4 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
April York Artists Guild April 8-29 April 8
May Joanna Strong May 6-27 May 6
June Lucinda Vandenieuwegiessen
Colin Van Zwijndregt
June 3-24 June 3
July & August Avenue Road Arts School
September Susanne Clark   September 9
October Lori Ryerson   October 7
November Martin Myers   November 4
December Métis artist Louise Lefebvre   December 9


Previous Years' Shows

The following shows were held in Sunderland Hall in 2017:

Month Artist Show Dates Reception
  (12 pm)
Learn More
January Michael Battenberg Jan 8-29 January 2
February Jordan Clarke Feb 5-26 February 5
March Members and friends of First March 5-26 March 5  
April York Artists Guild April 2-30 April 2
May Nancy Bennett May 7-28 May 7
June Irene Sakata June 4-25 June 5
July & August Avenue Road Arts School July 2 - Sept 3
September Carmel BouzanneSept 10 - Oct 1 Sept 10
October Barbara de Beaupré Oct 8-29 October 8  
November Nick Biagini Nov 5-26 November 5
December Joseph Sagaj
Keitha Keeshig-Tobias
Dec 10-31 December 10


The following shows were held in 2016:

Month Artist Learn More
January Palette Expressions Group  
February Clayton King, Indigenous artist
March Members and Friends of First  
April York Artists' Guild
May John Visser
June Susan Farquhar
July & August Artists’ Network
September Steve Rose
October Shir Libeynu
November Jean Galt, Wendy Ounpuu  & Wendy Dines  
December Aboriginal Art  


The following shows were held in 2015:

Month Artist Learn More
January Michael Battenberg
February Judith Donoahue, Carol Harrison  
March Members and Friends of First  
April York Artists' Guild
May D.D. Gadjanski
June Randall Brown  
July & August 10 Artists from the Don Valley Art Club
September Shir Libeynu
October Barbara de Beaupré
November David Connolly  
December Amnesty International: In/visible Scars