Green Sanctuary Survey
  1. In order to serve our congregation and more effectively address current environmental concerns and interests, we are asking that you thoughtfully complete this short survey.

    We remind you that way back in 2008, the original motion for setting up the Green Team (Originally called FUSE: First Unitarians for Sustainable Environment) was submitted as follows:

    The First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto supports the establishment of the FUSE Proposal. The mission of this proposal is that the FUSE congregational environment initiative provides guidance and executes actions that help the congregation and its members to adopt environmentally responsible practices. The Green Team, working collaboratively with the congregation, will help initiate and coordinate this environmental practice. This plan will be an umbrella under which many projects and actions can be developed.

    We would appreciate your completing and submitting this survey by January 23rd.

    A "Green Moment" is published biweekly in our First Light newsletter?

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